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Why we need << operator twice to print the value in c++

As per c++ primer book the description of writing stream opearator(<<) is-

std::cout << "Enter two numbers:" << std::endl;

 The << operator takes two operands: The left-hand operand must be an ostream object; the right-hand operand is a value to print. The operator writes the given value on the given ostream. The result of the output operator is its left-hand operand. That is, the result is the ostream on which we wrote the given value. Our output statement uses the << operator twice. Because the operator returns its left-hand operand, the result of the first operator becomes the left-hand operand of the second. As a result, we can chain together output requests.

I can't understand the above description. That is why we need two operators because one << operator is enough to print the values?

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