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we have a project manager who just joined our IT team.  They don't have a lot if experience but are well versed in IT and organization.    any recommendations for good software?  it needs to be able to remind people of deadlines.    It needs to have results published or easily accessible by managers.   she is not a pop buy pretty good at what she does.   I don't want the software to be to complex
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Ashvin AshokConnect With a Mentor Team Manager - ITCommented:
Hi James,

It depends on the size of your team. I personally use HiTASK software for task management with easy and user friendly interfaces and dashboards. Quick set up.

Best part is Its completely free upto 5 users and if you need to add more users, you might need to choose different plan options starting from $4.98 per user / month. Please take a look at its features and pricing if your team is more than 5 and good luck..
jamesmetcalf74Author Commented:
Thanks Ashvin
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