External Harddisk unable to download driver

Hi All Expert,

I have a user which is using Iomega external harddisk is unable to get auto windows driver update once plugged in, update always getting "device driver software was not successfully installed." I went to the official website and search and couldn't find any, all are 3rd party device finder, appreciate if any expert can assist me on.

Model - LDHD-UP2
OS - Windows 7 64 bit

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Jackie ManCommented:
Your symptom suggests a hardware failure of the controller in the logic board of your external storage.

You need to take the harddisk out of the external storage and attach it via another USB enclosure.
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
No manufacturer's device driver is needed for USB hard drives.  Per the Amazon ad, "Easy-to-use - Simple USB 2.0 interface; Just plug and play."

There have been a lot of issues with W10 and USB devices over the last week.  I'm sure another expert will be along shortly with a solution.
Sam Simon NasserIT Support ProfessionalCommented:
are you plugging it on USB 3 port (blue port)? try on USB 2
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that seems to be a 1 TB USB 2 drive, right?
then try using it from a POWERED usb hub; often the system does not supply enough power
xchiazyxAuthor Commented:
Hi All,

Thank you for the kind response, I tried using the HDD docking station and it's not responding at all, cannot feel the HDD is running, I guess the HDD is spoil.

you should test it on a desktop - and connect the drive to a sata cable - NOT over usb - in order to know it's bad
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