Some keyboard keys are not working on a brand new High Sierra MacBook Air


A brand new 13" MacBook Air has a keyboard problem
The following sets of keys don't work :
789,  uio,   jkl,   ?/

I reset the NVRAM ans SMC but that didn't make the slightest bit of difference

The funny thing is that when I type these keys while at the login screen (for the password field)
dots appear thus proving that the keyboard is actually sending a signal

Any ideas ?
Yann ShukorOwnerAsked:
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Yann ShukorOwnerAuthor Commented:
Well it was just the keyboard and mouse accessibility options that had been wrongly enabled by the user
Dmitri FarafontovLinux Systems AdminCommented:
I would get it refunded to Apple if its brand new.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Yes, or take it to the nearest Apple store as they may be easily able to change the keyboard.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
If the options can be reset, do that. Or else if the user has changed too many things, just reimage the MAC to factory settings.
Yann ShukorOwnerAuthor Commented:
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