IIS services not working on a CRM server recently upgraded to Windows 2012

We upgraded our CRMTEST server and SQLTEST server over the weekend to Windows 2012 R2 Standard.  This was to allow me to run CRM 2015 install and do an in-place upgrade of CRM 2013 on the CRMTEST server.

I installed SP1 for CRM 2013, this seemed to work fine and changed the version.  Then I ran CRM2015-Server-ENU-amd64.exe and got the error below:
CRM 2015 Install error
So I checked the log and it says that CRM is not installed (log  below).  
12:06:33|   Info| Invoked with command line: C:\Users\crmadmin\SetupServer.exe
12:06:34|   Info| Running C:\Users\crmadmin\SetupServer.exe
12:06:34|   Info| Loading bootstrap library C:\Users\crmadmin\ServerSetup.dll
12:06:34|   Info| Microsoft Dynamics CRM is not currently installed.
12:06:34|   Info| Closing bootstrap library C:\Users\crmadmin\ServerSetup.dll

I tried IIS RESET and got an IIS error  below
Need advice on what could be causing this.

Thank you
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first, did you perfrom the in place upgrade of the servers? if so from what version to which version?

Please check the Servic status in services console and also what option you chose while upgrading if it was in place?
apollo7Author Commented:
This was an in place upgrade from Windows 2008 Standard to Windows 2012 R2 Standard

The following services were disabled, enabling these
•      World Wide Web Publishing Service
•      Wines Process Activation Service
Feridun KadirPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
With regard to the error, are you using the original CRM 2015 server installation file as opposed to an update for CRM 2015 server?

The error message suggests that you are running an update to CRM 2015 - though I could be wrong.

With regard to IISRESET, have you tried restarting the server to see if that helps?
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apollo7Author Commented:
The CRM 2015 installation file is from a download.  I have done a restart of the CRM Server a couple times.  I am now getting the error below when I browse the org in Deployment Manager

HTTP Error 500.19 - Internal Server Error
The requested page cannot be accessed because the related configuration data for the page is invalid.Detailed Error Information:
Module    IIS Web Core
Notification    Unknown
Handler    Not yet determined
Error Code    0x8007000d
Config Error    
Config File    \\?\C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics CRM\CRMWeb\web.config
Requested URL    http://crmtest:5555/WorldwideMaterialHandling
Physical Path    
Logon Method    Not yet determined
Logon User    Not yet determined
 Config Source:
apollo7Author Commented:
I have the above cleared up but I am still getting stuck on the CRM 2015 org import.  The error says that I need to install Reporting Extensions (SQL 2012).  In the SQL upgrade that I did, I cant find SrsDataConnector.exe anywhere on the SQL Server.

Any idea on what I can try to get this folder (SrsDataConnector) so I can run  SrsDataConnector.exe?

Feridun KadirPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
The SRSDataConnector folder is in the extracted CRM2015 server download folders. You need to copy the SRSDataConnector folder to the SQL Server and then run SrsDataConnector.exe

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apollo7Author Commented:
Thanks, I sort of remember doing that but have been looking the wrong place
apollo7Author Commented:
It never ends :)   I am now getting "Microsoft Dynamics CRM Reporting Extensions is not compatible with this version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Upgrade Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and then try again", guess I need to make sure I have the correct SRSDataConnector folder for CRM 2015
Feridun KadirPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
Yes  you do need to match the version.  Do you now have a CRM 2015 deployent?
apollo7Author Commented:
Thanks, I got this to work.  I am moving to CRM 2016.
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