$LogonScriptsLocation = "\\$DomainFQDN\LogonScript\"


I'd like to share a ps1 which contains variables. How do I replace all values which are between ### with blanks via Powershell?

F.e. myvariables.ps1 contains
$Fileserver = 'MyFileserver'
$SmtpServer = 'MySMTPServer"
$LogonScriptsLocation = "\\$DomainFQDN\LogonScript\"

I could work via get-content ... | replace content but howto replace the " ..." or ' ...' by " " correctly via Powershell?

Thanks for your input.
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Given that replacevars.ps1 contains

$myFileserver = 'MyFileserver'
$mySmtpServer = 'MySMTPServer'
$LogonScriptsLocation = '\\$DomainFQDN\LogonScript\'

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Get-Content .\replacevars.ps1 | % {$_ -replace "^(\s*\$.*my.*\s*=\s*\').*(\')$", '$1$2'}

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Would return

$myFileserver = ''
$mySmtpServer = ''
$LogonScriptsLocation = '\\$DomainFQDN\LogonScript\'

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I believe you didn't want to blank all values, therefore I prefixed the "custom" variable names with my.

Hope that helps.

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janhoedtAuthor Commented:
Thanks! So how does it recognizes the ###? If I would replace it by something else like ### or ###variables###, would that ask a major change?
The script does not recognize the ### but it does recognize variables which name is prefixed with my such as $myVar1 $myVar2 where $Var3 wouldn't match.

I believe it achieves the same goal as you first described.

Does my explanation cleared it up for you ?

Another approach could be to have the variables in a separate file which is dot sourced and that you clean the variables only in that file.
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Also, if you really want to use the ### block delimiter, i am pretty sure there is a way to do this with a loop going through the array returned by get-content looking for beggining marker changing values until it finds the end marker.
janhoedtAuthor Commented:
My variables do not start with my, it was just an example ....
janhoedtAuthor Commented:
What bout working with clear-variable?

$Test = 'Hello'
Clear-Variable test

If I could import the ps1, then clear the variables and write them back to another file. But how can I make sure only the variables are cleared from a specific file ...?
janhoedtAuthor Commented:
Hope below (content of my variables.ps1 file) clarifies what I'm doing (my variables.ps1 which is cleared out of  values for variables and which I can share publicly.
So how to remove them  by psscript, f.e.  $Global:Company = 'MyCompany'  should become  $Global:Company = '' etc

$Global:Company = ''
$Global:Organization = ''
$Global:SCCMSiteCode01 = ''
$Global:SCCMSiteServer01 = ''
$Global:PublicSMTPServer01 = 'SMTP' #SMTP server which does not need authentication
#Might also be variables which need = " "

$Global:DomainFQDN = $env:USERDNSDOMAIN
$Global:EmailSuffix = "@DomainFQDN"
$Global:MailFromAddress = "noreply$EmailSuffix"
$Global:MailToAddressDeploySoftware = "mymailaddress$EmailSuffix"

$Global:SCCMSiteServer01_FQDN =  ($SCCMSiteServer01 + '.' + $DomainFQDN)
$Global:PublicSMTPServer01_FQDN = ($PublicSMTPServer01 + '.' + $DomainFQDN)
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