Unable to edit virtual disk to expand

Using Hyper V on Windows 2016 Data Center. Running low on Disk space on a vm 2012 R2 server running Exchange Server 2013. In settings, when I try to expand the disk, the edit button is grayed out and below is a message that reads: Edit is not available because checkpoints exist for this virtual machine
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Bill HerdeConnect With a Mentor OwnerCommented:
Agreed.  The message is telling you that there are 'snapshot' or differencing files on the VM.  ensure that all snapshots have been removed, then  shut down the VM long enough for the files to merge.  The merge will not happen while the VM is running, and the differencing files remain in place even though the snapshots are longer listed in the VM properties.  You may need to schedule a maintenance windows for the server to be offline for a while as sometimes the merge may take a rather long time.  You may look in the VM folder and check file sizes to get an idea of the downtime.  The size of the .AVHD file figured against the average speed of your disk drives will give you a rough estimate.
Gaurav SinghConnect With a Mentor Solution ArchitectCommented:
you will need to shut down the VM, so that Changes merged, then you can expand the disk size, Make sure that you should not delete any files which could lead you into more trouble.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
You don't need to shut down the VM.  in 2012R2 and 2016, you can merge the checkpoints live.  

That said, STOP USING CHECKPOINTS on production VMs.  It's potentially dangerous - if you revert back now, you lose email!
bizzie247Author Commented:
Thank you experts! Worked like a charm.
bizzie247Author Commented:
Thank you Experts! Worked like a charm.
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