Mail Merge Email containing multiple records in the body of one email per recipient.

How would I create a mail merge email that sends one email to each unique email address in a worksheet and includes the mail merge data for all of the records that have the same email address?  I have a worksheet that has a list of equipment that is assigned to each user.  I want to send an email to each user listing the equipment they have.
I can make it send an email for each item, but I want to consolidate the list by user and send one email to each.
Michael SpellmanSupervisory Operations Support SpecialistAsked:
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Michael SpellmanSupervisory Operations Support SpecialistAuthor Commented:
Upon more trial & error, this method is not very user-friendly.  I opted to produce the emails with the listed items in Access.  It is more flexible and  the email is much easier to create and maintain.
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