Windows Server 2012 -- FSMO roles, forest vs domain ?

Below are my results when testing just now

  1. Is this correct, since child.root.tld should have the local child1 as the main PDC / RID / Infrastructure ?

  2. If not, what should my "child1" server display when I run "netdom query fsmo" ?
Login to "root1" server (root.tld domain)
  ** open CMD
  ** type "netdom query fsmo"
  ** all 5 ROLES displays as root1

Login to "child1" server (child.root.tld domain)
  ** open CMD
  ** type "netdom query fsmo"
        ** first two ROLES are root1
        ** last three ROLES (PDC / RID / Infrastructure) are child1
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M SCommented:
Not sure if I get what you are asking, But yes, above output seems right.

1 schema master per forest
1 domain naming master per forest
1 RID master per (sub)domain
1 PDC emulator per (sub)domain
1 Infrastructure master per (sub)domain

More Info on FSMO-Roles: Active Directory FSMO roles in Windows
Cliff GaliherCommented:
1)  Is this correct?

Only you know that.  You should have your network documented, and we don't have that documentation (nor should we.)  We didn't choose where to place your FSMO roles so nobody here could possibly know if it is "correct."

Your whole question was very vague.  But if you are asking about discrepencies between two domain controllers in two domains of a single forest, what you are seeing is *not* a sign of a problem.  Some roles are unique to one per forest.  Others are unique to one per domain.  Anybody administering AD should have this knowledge, or administering AD should be handed off to someone who does.
I believe what you see is correct for the child domain.

Take a look at this:

FSMO placement and optimization on Active Directory domain controllers
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