I'm losing my connection session to the client.  Response.IsClientConnected returns false.

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Client javascript calls aspx.vb. VB code behind which then calls a WCF data contract that returns data from an SQL data base. That data is then serialized and inserted into a response.write() method.

 It fails. No exceptions, no errors, nothing.

 After the WCF HTTPS call, the response.isClientConnected property is getting set to 'false'. Making the HTTPS call to the WCF service is making the response.write lose it's connection to the client that called it.

 Any ideas to get around this?

What I have tried:

1 -  I have taken the data returned from the WCF call, and pasted it as a string in the response.write("").

      If I then comment out the WCF HTTPS call, it works fine.

2 - I've tried moving the function that calls the WCF out of the aspx.vb that has the response.write.  No change.
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Ryan ChongSoftware Team Lead

is that mean calling WCF HTTP request works fine but WCF HTTPS request fails?

are you using request tool such as Postman to see if you can sending a request successfully to end terminal?

you can get and install a copy of Postman here:


HTTPS request to WCF returns data.  What does not work is the response.write() back to the client.  The HTTPS call to the WCF service makes the client session disconnect so response.write() is no longer connected to client and cannot pass the data back.

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