Issues with size restrictions exchange2013

I'm having an issue with incoming emails size restrictions in exchange. We are running exchange 2013 what's happening is a sender from outside our network will send an employee a email with attachments over 9mb and we never receive them and the sender doesn't receive a kick back so they think it was delivered. When I run
get-mailbox username | ft max messagesize      it states "unlimited"
get-transportconfig | ft maxreceivesize          it states "40 MB"
get-receiveconnector | ft username, maxmessagesize                it states "35MB"

Am I missing something that maybe set to block over 10mb from external senders?
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William FulksSystems Analyst & WebmasterCommented:
The problem could be on their end, depending on what ISP or email service they use. Try sending them an attachment over 9mb or so and see what happens.
Todd NelsonSystems EngineerCommented:
Have you checked your Exchange SMTP receive logs to see if there is a message received or rejected?

Is there a Exchange transport rule scrubbing mail based on size?

If there isn't anything, maybe check the logs in your firewall, etc.

If nothing there, test with a large attachment from a personal email account to a target Exchange mailbox.

If you get it, it most likely something that is occurring on the senders side.  So, I would make sure it isn't an issue with your environment first, and then tell them it is probably their issue.

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check the global trasport settings ..
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Please can you try this command and post the results:

Get-TransportConfig | FT MaxSendSize, MaxReceiveSize, ExternalDsnMaxMessageAttachSize, InternalDsnMaxMessageAttachSize 

Open in new window

If the external sender is sending to a distribution group, then please run this command too and post the results:

Get-DistributionGroup GroupName  | FT Name, MaxSendSize, MaxReceiveSize

Open in new window


bankadminAuthor Commented:
William; I have also tested from my personal gmail account with a 16MB file and it does the same no kick back to sender and it never appears in my inbox, junk or spamfilter

Todd; I have not checked the SMTP logs but I will look into that, There is no mail flow rule on size those are not configured, Our firewall is monitored by a 3rd party and I had them check into before I created this case.

Gaurav; I posted those results in the question and I will post below in my reply to Alan

Alan; They are not sending to a distribution group here are the results in order from your first set of commands. 40MB, 40MB for the externaldnsmaxmessagesize and internaldnsmaxmessagesize it comes back with no output the command runs it just doesn't seem to have a value
bankadminAuthor Commented:
Todd, I have enabled logging on all the receive connectors but I can seem to find anything that is coming in externally. I have been sending test emails (with and without attachments) from my gmail account then I did a search for gmail in the log and the only ones it located were gmail addresses that internal users had sent external emails too.. So I'm not getting something right here, I'm in mailflow-receive connectors, is that not the correct location for what I'm looking for?
Todd NelsonSystems EngineerCommented:
I recommend enabling logging for all receive and send connectors, restart the Exchange transport service (and maybe run IISRESET), and finally check the logs using this reference...

Hi bankadmin,

Please can you try running these additional powershell commands and post the outputs (some may give nothings):

Get-ADSiteLink | FL Name, MaxMessageSize
Get-DeliveryAgentConnector | FL Name, MaxMessageSize
Get-TransportServer | FL Name, PickupDirectoryMaxHeaderSize, PickupDirectoryMaxRecipientsPerMessage
Get-RoutingGroupConnector | FL Name, MaxMessageSize
Get-ForeignConnector | FL Name, MaxMessageSize

Open in new window


Hi bankadmin,

What was the output from those commands I suggested above?

Good advice offered to find what is causing the problem.
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