open ports 2195 and 2196 on Windows Server

Anyone know how I open these ports locally on a Windows Server 2008 or 2012?

2195      TCP            Apple Push Notification Service[7][129]      Unofficial
2196      TCP            Apple Push Notification Service, feedback service[7][129]
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Cliff GaliherCommented:
By default, windows doesn't block outbound connections so it can connect to Apple services by default.

If you are trying to unblock them INBOUND for some odd reason then you'd use the advanced firewall control panel applet. There is a wizard to add new rules. Will be pretty straightforward once you're in there.
jkimzlgAuthor Commented:
tried this on the server and the port still is not open.  testing by doing a 'telnet server1 2195'

Cliff GaliherCommented:
Leave the remote port as any.
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These are non standard ports and why would your server listen on these ports
Try telnet to server itself on above ports and check if server is listening on these ports
If yes, then there is point you can open inbound port rule
As already stated above, server should be able to do outbound connectivity by default and hence it is not an issue
jkimzlgAuthor Commented:
port is not open when I do a netstat -an.  creating an inbound port rule doesn't open up port 2195.  Have you tried this yourself?
If port is not listening, Then U will not get any benefit by creating port rule which is not activated on server itself
Cliff GaliherCommented:
Firewall has nothing to do with what netstat sees.  The firewall is a different layer.  Netstat will show which programs are listening on a port.

A program can listen, and the firewall can still block the port.   Bad analogy time:  Being put in a sound-proof room is not the same as being deaf.  The firewall is the soundproof room.  But your ears still work fine.

The netstat issue shows that you don't have a program listening on 2195. Which again begs the question, WHY do you want to open that port?  It is a very odd request, and now multiple experts have pointed that out.
jkimzlgAuthor Commented:
thanks cliff, just to answer your question, it's a request from our developer team.  I really don't know why they want those ports open on a local windows server.
Cliff GaliherCommented:
Well, if you set up the rule as described then you can tell the developers that the port is open, because technically it is.  Windows won't *DO* anything if you sent traffic on that port (as your telnet test showed) but that is because there isn't a program listening (the room is empty, no person is there) ...but the port is open.  Music is playing over the speakers...but nobody is home to hear it.

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