PHP Hebrew mail get messed up in outlook

i am trying to send a php mail with hebrew text.  the text has to come through right to left.

The code is set up with UTF-8

The email comes through properly in my browser GMAIL.
 but in outlook 2016 the letters come through backwards. Almost like it's not recognizing the dir='rtl'

What can I do to work around this?
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arnoldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Look at the email source to see whether there are other extraneous entries, or the outlook default handler is set to Latin, versus following the email directive.

Look at outlook, view, encoding
rivkamakAuthor Commented:
How can I ensure that my customers receiving the email in outlook won't experience the same problem ?
You can not as each user controls the behavior of their application, I.e. Restricting the mail client to no dynamically adjust the setting, but instead have a defined view.

First, you shoukd confirm the cause, potentially your php nail, is missing a directive that outlook relies on.
This can be done by creating an email within outlook in Hebrew and then viewing its source when delivered to another source.
Compare the headings, attachment information
Character-set:utf-8 .....etc
And see if the outlook generated email has an additional parameter that is not seen in the message your php generates.
Adding that in a test to gmail to make sure the email remains functional and a copy to outlook to see .....

See if the following link'


The presumption is that the recipient has the noted options for input .... Right to left.
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