Running Fiber Outside

We need to run fiber outside and with phone and a alarm system to another building located from our main facility.
Can we run them in a tube all together? There is a hose already running to the building that has old wire in it.
I am hearing that some of the guys want to dig a trench because they think the wire or hose will get struck by lighting?
Is this valid? I do know some vendors proposed already running the fiber in a hose over to  the building.
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All of the previous are correct. And like John mentioned, I would be more concerned about rodents than lightning. However, on top of that, remember that fiber is more delicate than other finds of cabling. I'd go with underground conduit, which you could have other cables in as well. Be sure to keep proper documentation on the exact location of that conduit (you don't want some random future incident which causes damage to it because someone had to dig)
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Vermin attack plastic tubing.  Damage this way is more likely than lightning.

I would use metal conduit (not plastic) and bury it. Once done, it will last and be trouble-free which is what you want.
bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
> Can we run them in a tube all together?

of course,  you can. actually it is recommended. as long as you can mount signs properly showing the path and what's inside the tube, and most importantly on your private land, it is always good and valid.
Absolutely run it under ground.

Conduit would be a good idea, but you can also use direct bury cable.

That being said, conduit would make it easier to replace a cable should it become damaged
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