What is better QoS: DSCP or IPP ?

CONTEXT:  We have all layer-3 switches.  At present, we are only concerned about VoIP and VIDEO QoS.  We believe configuration simplicity outweighs complexity if complexity is not needed to meet our needs and wants

QUESTION:  What is better QoS: DSCP or IPP ?  Why?
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Hello ThereSystem AdministratorCommented:
I'd use DSCP. DSCP is newer than IPP and is backward compatible with IPP. It's also supported by most devices.
Difference between them is that DSCP uses a 6-bit field and IP Precedence only 3 bits so that the QoS offered is limited.

Regarding when to use one or the other, the main point is consistency, if all devices support DSCP then that is the way to go, but if there is something that only supports IP precedence then using DSCP can lead to some confusion.

The main difference between DSCP and IPP in functionality is not the layer, it is the way the traffic is queued. IPP gives you 7 levels, and the switch uses simple QoS Queue management to put them into queues based on that level.
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