How can I successfully disable file transfers in OWA 2010

Hello, I'm looking to disable direct file transfers in OWA for exchange 2010 but I've been I've been unsuccessful so far. Steps I've taken:

1. From the exchange management console I went to organization configuration --> client access --> outlook web app mailbox policies: and then the properties of the object
2. under public computer file access, and private computer file access I've unchecked both "enable direct file access" and "enable webready document viewing"  and even added .txt the block list just in case

I went to test it by sending a file to myself. a .txt file in outlook, but I'm still able to download it. Am I missing a step? do I need to reboot something? any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Jeff GoldbortAsked:
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the process is correct,

U need to ensure that the policy you modified, same is applied to your users to make it effective.
Also after that if user is already logged on, log it off and log back on again and check
Jeff GoldbortAuthor Commented:
looks like that does the trick. thanks a bunch!
Jeff GoldbortAuthor Commented:
resolved, thanks!
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