Application focus switches briefly every minute

I have an approximately one month old Windows 10 computer. For the last few days, I've been having odd activity: the system seems to switch context to another application briefly, then switches back. I typically see the title bar or the text box I'm typing in flash on and off twice, indicating loss of focus, then its restoration. If I'm in the middle of typing, several letters will be lost (they never appear on the screen; I don't see them in another application that I have open). It usually happens once a minute, though some minutes I don't see anything; I'm not sure if that means the behavior isn't happening, or I'm just not doing something that would make it obvious. Yesterday it seemed to start at the same second each time; today it seems to be taking a full minute from the end of the last event to the start of the first event, so each event starts a few seconds later in the minute. It is not connected to when the system clock changes the minute.

I wondered about malware, but Avast hasn't found anything, even when I did a boot-time scan; Malwarebytes found only a PUP which is actually legitimate. Task Manager doesn't show anything running that seems particularly odd, though I won't claim to know every single task running. I've rebooted multiple times since this started with no apparent impact on the situation. I'm stumped for how to resolve this.
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Download procmon and let it monitor the system. It will surely make the strange activity visible.
ElrondCTAuthor Commented:
That's a good idea. But Procmon puts out so much information, so quickly, that I have no idea how to find my problem child. I will say that I'm seeing a lot of entries for the process Werfault.exe (Windows Error Reporting) with results other than success: Name Not Found, Buffer Overflow, No More Files, Access Denied, File Locked with Only Readers, and perhaps others. But I have no idea if those are meaningful, or what to do about them.

I have found that if I shut down enough things that are running, the problem disappears. I haven't been able to work out which particular application is responsible, though. I'm trying to be a bit more systematic about testing, and hope to have more information soon.
Werfault should not appear unless an application crashes, so that points to an application crash. That will be logged in the application event log in eventvwr, please verify that.

If you don't feel comfortable with procmon, it's hard to help you if I am not at the site. You could use filtering for, but you already do that, right? You could upload a zipped .pml log.

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ElrondCTAuthor Commented:
Not comfortable? Well, I wouldn't exactly put it that way, but I don't have experience working with it. I've been around computers a long time, though, so I'm not afraid of getting under the hood. Can you suggest a source to learn a bit about what to do with Procmon output? The help file that comes with it doesn't really provide that kind of information.

At the moment, I'm not having the problem described. It is perhaps not coincidental that running Procmon right now gives me no Werfault entries.
McKnifeCommented: is an introduction to using procmon.
What you should do know, open eventvwr and look at the day that you experienced the problems and find out which application crashed.
ElrondCTAuthor Commented:
The application log of the event viewer showed the problem: an application, HPNetworkCommunicator.exe, which is part of the software for my printer, is crashing when it tries to start (it seems that HPNetworkCommunicatorCom.exe tries again once a minute to start it). I'm pursuing this with HP, though so far a complete uninstall and reinstall hasn't solved it. Thanks for helping me find the source of the problem.
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