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.MOV files will not play after full Backup with Acronis 2018 to local HD

After backing up macOS 10.11.3 -  .MOV files will not play. Backup was with Acronis 2018 to local HD.

OS reports "Cannot Play Video" Photos cannot play this video because it uses an unsupported format."

The OS was not restored, only backed up. macOS reported after backup - had to 'Restore' photo library

Other format files (e.g. .mp4) play OK. .MOV files OK on my iPhone iOS 11.2.6

How can I ?? these .MOV files to play?
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Dr. Klahn

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Thanks (again) for your help. Restoring these ,MOV files is not an issue. I use Time Machine and iCloud as other backups of same data.

As these are photos/movies of my family (7 generations!), I have multiple backups: on another Mac, Time Machine and SmugMug. In addition, most of the oldest (1930's +) movies with my help, made their way to DVD. What I do with these files seen here...

Thanks for the tip about the GSpot Codec Information Tool. And yes, I have Macs and PCs on my LAN.

(Yet another reason why I will never, ever use Acronis again.) - This troubles me...