giving up on skype click to call

skype classic latest edition for windows 10
I dont want to install skype on windows store as an app

For years on windows I have been trying skype click to call
On some computers it works for a small amount of time

Now I want to give up and stop trying. Takes too much time. I have been trying for years. I dont want to uninstall browsers/skype and restart my computer for hours just to make 5 phone calls

click to call skype on firefox does not work

but now I am stuck with something that is worse

I can click on phone number to activate skype but skype does not make phone call. Skype opens and does not do anything.

+1 phone number that I can not highlight is worse than what I started with.
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Hello ThereConnect With a Mentor System AdministratorCommented:
From MS support:
Unfortunately, Skype Click to Call is already retired and no longer supported. Any recent changes or updates on the browser will affect the Skype Click to Call and possible will no longer work or will have an issue.

Nothing to add here. This is pretty clear. Officially it's gone.
Maybe there exists a fix for that but it might work just until next Windows or browser update.

So I suggest you to use Skype from Windows Store.
rgb192Author Commented:
thanks. I have a followup question

there is a setting on skype classic (i dont want to use windows store) where I selected click to call when installing

how to disable?
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