Spinning .vhd up in XenCenter

Hi experts,

I am going to explain my setup in short then will ask the question regarding to the backup process.

I have 2 physical servers grouped in the same pool under XenCenter.

I am using Xenserver as my platform to host VMs. When I installed Xenserver, I selected thin provisioning (instead of using LVM, I want to use the ext). After I installed xenserver I was able to spin up VMs. When I use the xe commands to locate my VMs, can see the associated .vhd files associated with each VM. I can simply copy the .vhd file from a local drive of phyiscal server (server 1) and import that .vhd file via XenCenter and spin it up in another physical server (server 2).

I wish to know if I have like 5 copies of snapshots with one of my VM on physical server (server 1) and I can see each snapshot is associated with a corresponding .vhd file. I tried to spin those .vhd files in physical server (server 2) but I got an error message: the selected file is not a valid virtual disk file. I am wondering if I can actually spin it up from the .vhd of snapshots?

I was able to spin one up without the snapshots but with the snapshots I assume that I can select the proper .vhd of the snapshot that I want and the system will be able to spin that up automatically. I am wondering if there is a different method to spin snapshot or it is impossible to spin up the snapshot? Thanks
Kinderly WadeprogrammerAsked:
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Dirk KotteSECommented:
only after deleting the snapshots i are able to copy and reuse a vhd file.
I am not successfull with a snapshot.
... but you can create a new VM from snapshot ... this should result in a single vhd-file you can copy.
but exporting with xen /xe is simple.
do you know the XE - commands?
from a windows-PC with xencenter  installed you can use the XE commands for all tasks able from xencenter too.
They are located within a subfolder from xencenter.
check https://docs.citrix.com/content/dam/docs/en-us/xenserver/xenserver-7-0/downloads/xenserver-7-0-administrators-guide.pdf
page 140
Dirk KotteSECommented:
to use a snapshot for a new VM i go to the snapshot within xencenter and select "Export to fole" or "save as template".
Kinderly WadeprogrammerAuthor Commented:
Hi Dirk,

Is it possible to copy the snapshot without using the "Export role" or "save template" but rather just to compress all those .vhd files into a single file again?
Kinderly WadeprogrammerAuthor Commented:
Thanks Dirk!
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