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I have an end user who shows that a meeting on her calendar was last modified by her even though she did not modify the meeting. I've done some testing by having a teammate create a meeting on my shared calendar. The meeting showed that I last modified it. I adjusted the calendar view to show the organizer but it still states that I am the organizer.

So my question is, is there a way to identify a meeting event on your calendar and then to view the properties of that meeting object. For example, what would uniquely identify meeting X and how would I access the properties of meeting X to show the value of something like a lastmodifiedname property. The end goal would be to show when a specific meeting was modified and exactly who modified the meeting.

Right now, we are using Exchange Online (Office 365) in a hybrid configuration... this end user has been migrated to the cloud. Any ideas on commands that I could use to get the information i'm looking for?
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Vasil Michev (MVP)Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If you have auditing enabled on the mailbox, reviewing the audit trail should give you some idea. If you have not enabled it prior to the modification happening, it will not be of no help as it doesnt include past events.

Other than that you can look at the meeting properties via MFCMAPI or similar.
Naveen SharmaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I hope the above suggestion clarifies your concern.

Furthermore, get help from below links:

A Step-By-Step Guide to Enable Mailbox Auditing of Exchange Online (Office 365):

How to Enable Mailbox Auditing in Office 365:
Sara TeasdaleConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Just checkout these articles.

How to Automatically Enable Mailbox Audit Logging in Exchange Server

Exchange 2013 Mailbox Audit Logging

Enable Mailbox Auditing for Office 365 users
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