jQuery and BootStrap 4 issues?

I recently updated to jQuery 3.1.1 and started getting
"Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: #" on my dropdowns. It seems there are issues with jQuery and bootstrap 3. It was noted that this was fixed by updating to Bootstrap 4.0.0. I seem to still be getting this error. Is there anything i can do here or am i just stuck using an old version on jQuery?

Thank you
Justin HullAsked:
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Julian HansenCommented:
First question - why did you upgrade to jQuery 3 - was there something specific in the library you needed to use?
Just wondering, if earlier versions of jQuery work - why upgrade if it breaks the site?

Take a read of the jQuery 3.0 release notes - particular the bit that says
So, here’s the TL;DR for version 3.0 of the jQuery API:

    If you need support for the widest variety of browsers including IE8, Opera 12, Safari 5, and the like, use the jQuery-Compat 3.0.0 package. We recommend this version for most web sites, since it provides the best compatibility for all website visitors.
    If your web site is built only for evergreen leading-edge browsers, or is an HTML-based app contained in a webview (for example PhoneGap or Cordova) where you know which browser engines are in use, go for the jQuery 3.0.0 package.
    Until we announce otherwise, both packages will contain the same public APIs in correspondingly-numbered major and minor versions. This should make it easy for developers to switch between the two and be maximally compatible with third-party jQuery plugins.
Chris StanyonCommented:
jQuery and Bootstrap tend to work perfectly well together, so there may be something else going on with your code. If you want to post a link to your page we can take a proper look.
Justin HullAuthor Commented:
thank you
Julian HansenCommented:
You are welcome.
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