My Youtube video video freezes audio continues

I have a video original mov. Upload it to youtube and video freezes audio continues. Only with my video all other youtube videos play fine.

I converted to mp4 los quality and the same.

Any ideas?

This is the link:
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Christopher RourkeProject & QA Manager @ Experts ExchangeCommented:
I reviewed the YouTube video link you provided and it played fine for me (audio and video). I'm guessing the problem was only occurring during the upload/encoding process.

Are you still experiencing the issue when watching the video?
Hello ThereSystem AdministratorCommented:
Try another browser. Results?

Otherwise update Flash Player and disable hardware acceleration.
robrodpProgrammerAuthor Commented:
Hi guys

It is not a browser/flash/cashe problem.

I can view all youtube videos without any problems. Except mine from firefox or chrome, in  opera works. Fine. The problem is that I don't know what the problem is. In some pc's it works fine.

It plays ok from chrome in my mobile but not in the youtube app.  I have tried to upload different formats, quality size to no avail.

II cant go and explain to my viewers that they have a problem with their hardware/browser, specially if they have no problems with other you tube videos. I uninstalled firefox, reinstalled. Nothing. Audio is ok vide just freezes.

I have googled this but no Solutions. All refer to browser/hardware issues.  I repeat I can view the rest of youtube video without a problem.

It was processed about 12 hours ago. I thought Youtube was stiill processing but I guess that is not the case
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Hello ThereSystem AdministratorCommented:
Go here and check if all players are checked.
Hello ThereSystem AdministratorCommented:
If this happens only on cell phone, disable WiFi Calling.
On desktops... update video drivers.

Did you try to disable HW acceleration?
robrodpProgrammerAuthor Commented:
It happens in mobile app not mobile chrome. All other youtube video look ok so it can't be my configuration right?
Tyrell CushmanCommented:
I am also experiencing this issue. Here are two videos for example:

Video will play for a little, then freeze while the audio continues playing.
Issue occurs for not just myself and on multiple browsers.
Hello ThereSystem AdministratorCommented:
All browsers... video freezes... multiple computers...

It leads me to this:
Disable all plugins and try it again.
Uninstall all Flash Players and download the newest (NPAPI for Mozilla, ActiveX, PPAPI).
CONFIRM that HTML5 Player isset as default:
Update video drivers.

If you did all the steps above, come back for more help.

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Tyrell CushmanCommented:
My issue was only on videos I'd uploaded to YouTube recently, not all videos. Apologies that I forgot to mention in my original post.

After more poking around the webs, it seems this is an issue on YouTube's end and not ours.
RaminTechnical AdvisorCommented:
Try to convert it to .flv format and then upload it to YouTube again and check the result.
Hello ThereSystem AdministratorCommented:
Update: This is YouTube KNOWN issue. Thousands of users are experience this.
This is hapening in iOS YouTube app, Android YouTube app and browsers.

Official statement:
If you uploaded a video recently, you may be experiencing an issue where the video freezes after you've watched for only a few seconds. This may include frozen images, out-of-sync audio, or the video restarting itself. We're aware of this issue and working to fix it.
To resolve the issue, you can try setting your player to the highest resolution by clicking the Settings icon   > Quality. We'll keep this page updated with information.

Today from YT employee:
New update (that I also added to the top): we've fixed what's causing this, so any new video uploads won't experience the same issue (if you were waiting on posting, go for it!). We're now in the process of fixing all impacted videos, which will take a bit more time. Thanks for your continued patience!

So can you please try it again?
robrodpProgrammerAuthor Commented:
There is an issue with firefox and the encoding. I Prepared my upload video with Filmora software and it works 100%. Exportes as:  Device Sony TV size 1280 x 720.  Works like a charm.
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