Canon printer will not redirect on a terminal server

Windows 2008 R2 Server Terminal Server issues.  I have a client that bought a Canon Image Class MF634cdw and it will not show up on this server as redirected.  The brother and the previous HP redirected just fine.  I added the drivers to the for the Canon printer in the printer manager on the server for this printer yet it will not show up.  Any ideas???
Jonny BTech (CEO)Asked:
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Robert OrnelasVP Operations at Cook's ComputerCommented:
You could try to install the printer via a remote session and choose a redirected port either during or after installation. I had to do this once with a different printer model for one of my clients. Your situation sounds similar. Also be sure that you installed the exact same drivers at both ends.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
It won't work with the supplied UFR (Ultra-Fast Renderer) drivers in a thin client enviroment.
See if it's supported by Canon's Lite Plus PCL6 Printer Driver (v1.3)
Direct download here:

If it is then that driver will only support print functions, none of the other MFD functions are supported over TS
Jonny BTech (CEO)Author Commented:
I even went as far as disable the easy print driver first.  

I tired the following:

The Canon Generic Plus  Driver V 1.02
The Canon Generic Plus UFR  Version 30.30

Both of these will not function.  So is there a generic print driver that works with all canon mfc colors??
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Canon's support page shows this model uses Host-Based printing
Normally this means that thin client printing isn't supported so suspect you are out of luck with client's choice.

This is why (from Citrix support page but applies equally to TS environments)
"Purchasing Printing Hardware

Before purchasing printers for your organization, Citrix recommends finding out if the printer models that you are considering were tested for multiuser environments, such as Windows Remote Desktop Services environments and Citrix XenApp.

When purchasing a printer, make sure that it is PCL or PS compatible. Also, make sure the printer is not a host-based printer. Host-based printers use the processor on the host computer to generate print jobs; they are often labeled as “GDI,” “HOST only,” or “LIDL.” Because these printers require software on the client device to generate the print job, they are difficult to run in a XenApp environment.

Whether printers work in a XenApp environment is determined by the printer manufacturer, not by Citrix. To determine if a printer model supports XenApp, contact the manufacturer or see the Citrix Ready product guide at"

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Jonny BTech (CEO)Author Commented:
So the solution is that these are not compatible with Terminal Services.  Which is a shame because this printer will redirect to a windows 10 pro machine properly.  However, if anyone finds a workaround I would be interested in this for the Canon Image class.  I never use Canons on domain networks.  We mostly use HP Laser Jet pro for these types of applications.  A customer bought this for a home office and that is how I ended up in this situation.  Maybe this will help someone else with a Canon Image Class Printer.
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