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Can't find "Preferences" in PC version of PyCharm

I am new to the Python program, and I am using a YouTube video, showing me how to download the program.  The instructor requests that I download PyCharm, which I did.  The problem, however, is that he uses a Mac version of the program, while I am using a PC version of the program.  The Apple menu shows a menu called "Preferences" option, which I don't see anywhere on any of the menus I have available on my PC.  Once there, the teacher requests that I change several settings, none of which do I see, since I don't see "Preferences".  These settings seem critical, and I am wondering if they exist elsewhere, in a more obscure menu I am not noticing.  

I have an attachment that shows the two environments: the Apple view from a screenshot in the video, and the PC view shows the menu items I have available on my desktop.  Hope this is a simple fix.  Thank you, ~ Peter Ferber
Windows program does not reveal "Preferences".
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