Windows systems administrators, this is a question for you.

Any Windows systems administrators, this is a question for you. What are your general day to day activities and or projects? Im trying to compare it to what I do. Thanks
Thomas NSystems Analyst - Windows System AdministratorAsked:
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Gaurav SinghSolution ArchitectCommented:
Find the below list of activities

Physical Server build to OS level
Virtual Server Instantiation
Cluster setup and configuration
Standby Support Function
Capacity Management - Intermittent resource usage and optimisation advice
Console operations - startup / shutdown / restart of servers
Console operations - startup / shutdown / restart of services
Console operations - verify system availabililty
Continuous Service Improvement - Non-Project related service improvement changes
Continuous Service Improvement - Review of Historic Incidents to discover regularly repeating incidents
Controlled Reboot of Server after maintanance reasons
Daily Operating System alert handling and response
Get authorization and grant admin rights
Incident Handling
Local account management changes
Local account password resets
Manage OS related agents, installation / maintain / remove
OS decommissioning
OS related Escalation Management - Vendor
Quarterly /  half yearly OS Admin password maintenance and scheduling
Recovery of OS to consistent state
Syslog Maintenance and Management
Additional Cluster Change Control and Management
Administration of activities related to cluster documentation.
Test standard procedures (backup, housekeeping, etc.) for correct functioning in fail-over situation
Testing basic fail-over both ways and fail-back.
Controlled Reboot of all systems after patch application
Deployment of Vendor Fixes / Patches
Generation of Monthly Patch Report
Impact Analysis of Vendor Fixes / Patches
Proactive monitoring of Application of Patches against security baseline
Removal of Patches if issues occur
Testing of Vendor Fixes / Patches
Controlled Reboot of Server for hardware repair / replace
Escalation of Hardware Alerts to on site maintenance
Security Compliance - Periodic Security Baseline Analysis
Create Regularly-scheduled Audit Report for Security Audit
Maintain authorized user details for Security Audit
Maintain Security Baseline Information for Server
Virtualization Management
Physical Server buld to OS level
Virtual Server Instantiation
Cluster setup and configuration
Standby Support Function
Andrew LeniartSenior EditorCommented:
Hi Thomas,

I administrate a few Windows Servers at companies around Melbourne, except I do it remotely. There's no such thing as a typical day for me. I could be checking to ensure patches are up to date on Servers and Workstations. Putting out small fires for employees calling for help. Spending time on EE when things are quiet. A lot of my work is done after hours when everyone goes home. I've trained people to leave their workstations on and locked so I can login with Teamviewer - Was LogmeIn Rescue, but they priced themselves out.

When I worked at a large Accounting firm as IT Manager and System Administrator for 17 years, a typical day would be helping staff with silly little problems, preparing mass installs for after hours, checking security logs, basically whatever came up.

Hope that's helpful.

Regards, Andrew
Thomas NSystems Analyst - Windows System AdministratorAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys. Good info.
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