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Dear Experts ,

I have some old Word document files (.doc) which seem partially corrupted or the font file is missing.

The document will open with no error but part of the message has strange characters instead of letters.

Please find hereunder a sample. The letter is written in Greek language but you will notice that part of the letters is not showing up correctly.
Currently I am using MS Word 2007.

Any idea how to recover the strange characters?
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have you tried Select All (Ctrl-a) and changing the font?
Shaun VermaakTechnical Specialist
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That is how the Hellas font looks


@Paul SauvéRetired

Changing the font will not "covert" the document. It will just change the font.

@Shaun Vermaak

From the sample page the first line is correct with Hellas/Greek font (Wednesday 4 December 1996)
The second line is also written in Hellas/Greek language but for some reason it appears to have changed to this ,unknow for me, font.

Could you please advise how to convert these fonts to the Hellas/Greek ones?

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