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OSPF Path selection:  We all know the basic principles of OSPF path selection. It chooses an Intra area over an inter area and so forth. Ive been asked this question by a colleague, when will OSPF ignore this rule and choose an Interarea over an Intra area.

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Never RFC2328 is pecific about it – Intra-area routes are always preferred over inter-area ones.

RFC 2328 - OSPFv2 - page 26
Routing in the Autonomous System takes place on two levels, depending on whether the source and destination of a packet reside in the same area (intra-area routing is used) or different areas (inter-area routing is used).  In intra-area routing, the packet is routed solely on information obtained within the area; no routing information obtained from outside the area can be used.  This protects intra-area routing from the injection of bad routing information.

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