Can't find the service tag of the Hard disk , example: "123123123123-2A7B"

How can i find the service code of the hard disk example : "12312312323-2A7B"  Plz help
I cant see mine its just like this " 46S*********-2A7B"
And i need it for the Dell security manager passoword.
Duarte CostaHardWare ProfessionalAsked:
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Hmm, if that's what comes up on the screen at the prompt then all I can think is to send Dell support a photocopy of the physical label and see if they can work out what it's meant to be.
Are those asterisks after 456 ones you have put in to obfuscate or are they actually printed on it?  -2A7B looks correct but any asterisks should be at the beginning.
Duarte CostaHardWare ProfessionalAuthor Commented:
The code is just like that! Shows like this "46S********-2A7B"  The exact number of the asterisks.
I tried to put this code in the generator, and the code that they gave its not correct... And its "46S" not "456"!
Duarte CostaHardWare ProfessionalAuthor Commented:
Ok , thanks anyway , i've been around this problem for like 2 days and still cant find a solution. Have a good day.
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