Revert changes made by redirecting Windows "My Documents" folder.

Just had my machine rebuilt with Win10, so everything is fresh.  Redirected my "Documents" folder to my company user folder.  Within my user folder is a "My Documents" subfolder.  That is what I intended to point to initially.  Not sure if it got messed up in the copy and paste or if I just botched it.  But instead of pointing to "\DFSUsers\Username\My Documents" I pointed directly to "\DFSUsers\Username\".  I then changed it immediately to the correct "Username\My Documents", but the damage was already done.

Keep in mind the "\DFSUsers\Username\My Documents" is a DFS network share, not a location on my local hard drive.  So when I look at this share I see:

Documents  <--- (if you look at the security permissions they all look correct)

That is what I see looking at the base share from the new machine.  If I manually paste in a link with the correct/original name to my User folder it works.

If I look at the same DFS Users share from another location, I see that my folder has it's original name, the only thing is the folder icon is the Documents icon, instead of the normal folder icon.  A minor difference, but the fact that I can see it from another machine, logged in as a different user, means something was changed at the folder/DFS level.

I'm searching around and not finding the correct links on how to resolve this issue.  I have restore my Win10 documents folder back to default, that didn't fix it.  I currently have it at the correct "\DFSUsers\Username\My Documents".  But I don't know how to revert the  "\DFSUsers\Username\" back so on the outside the folder icon is the same and on my side not only is the icon the same, but the folder name is displayed as my username instead of "Documents".

Your help is appreciated on this issue.
Mike BAsked:
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Travis MartinezStorage EngineerCommented:
It sounds like it's just a library location issue and that the target is "Documents" on your local machine but if you actually look at the "File Name" in file explorer it will show the name you expect.

In file explorer, right click the columns in the view pane and select "more".  When the "Chose Details" dialog appears, scroll down to "Filename" and select the box.  After doing that it will show your name to the right.  Since the local system location was originally created as a library it will show the documents icon and not the folder icon.

I don't believe it's a DFS issue, especially if looking at the share from other systems and shows the right name.  It's just local to the original system.
not sure - but try a system restore to a date before you changed
The process of reverting a folder redirection gpo is
1) make sure the settings on the gpo properties is to copy data back  when the gpo no longer applies.
2) Allow time for the change to propagate if a change was needed
3) if the setting was in place, unapply the gpo. At that point the data will be copied back into the profile.
In your case, your  documents folder will have everything from \\dfsusers\username when it copies everything back.

In your situation, you need to use regedit and access your current_user\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\explorer\shell folders\
And change the Documents reference to reflect the correct path, while copying the data ...

You may have to access the hkey_users path referenced above, a logout/login will be needed to have the changes reflected.
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Mike BAuthor Commented:
Travis, You are onto something there.  So I added the filename Column and sure enough that shows the original name.  So How do I get Name to revert back to what I see in filename?  Also it would be nice, although not a big deal, but would be nice to be able to revert the folder icon back as well.

What's weird about the folder icon, is that is the one difference I see when looking at this folder from another machine/another user account.  You can see the folder icon is slight different.  So something must get edited at the object level?  Hoping someone can shed some light on this.

Arnold, this redirect was done manually.  No GPO involved here.  What I'm really looking for here is a way to revert the changes made.

Nobus, I have looked at previous versions of this folder.  However, even when I look at dates prior to me apply the redirect, the folder is still labeled as "Documents".  So I'm suspect that this approach might not work and runs the risk of my losing work I have worked on(and forgotten about) since that time.  But thank you for the idea.

I have been reading about the desktop.ini file.  Whatever is making my machine display this this folder as "Documents" is stored somewhere.  However I don't see a desktop.ini file in this folder.  I have set it to view hidden and protected files.  But still nothing.  I do see a desktop.ini file on my desktop, but it has very little info in it and no reference to that location.  Even if there were a file that is somehow relabeling this folder to "Documents" that can't be the whole story.  Otherwise when I look at the same DFS location from another machine/user account, why is the icon different now?

Thanks for the assistance.
if you did the redirect manually, repeat the steps, they will take effect after the login.
navigate to: Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders

It is possible that you would need  to use the HKEY_USER to access the above
Computer\HKEY_USERS\<YOUR USER ACCOUNT SID NEEDS TO BE HERE>\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders

updating personal to point to the correct location, logout and login will correct.

locate the Document (personal) and make the changes you need.
login, logout and you should be done.

If you however in a domain environment, why not use a GPO to manage the folder redirection to the server?

The icon display/referencing is because it is configured to be your documents folder (personal), once you update the referencing the icons will adjust as well.
i was not talking about previous versions, but a about a system restore - that's completely different
Travis MartinezStorage EngineerCommented:

To be fair I'm waffling on what to tell you here because how you have your system set now, mistakenly, is actually how you would want to set it up on the other systems.  Or at least that's how I'm doing it with home directories where I'm working.  We have a mapped drive but the documents library has been "moved" to the location of the share so that the system can synchronize offline data and be available if the network isn't.

I believe if you want to revert the changes then simply move the library location to the local system.

I've recreated it here for you but the reverse would work the same.  The other systems are seeing the "Documents" location as a library as well.  Ideally, with network files being synchronized, they would all say "Documents".  It's a question of offline availability or not.

Remember, it's a library designation for a folder location.  It's being represented by a different "location" target but it's just a reference.

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Mike BAuthor Commented:
I was able to manually rename the folder on my end.  Never did find a folder icon solution, but it's a minor annoyance.
not sure what you mean, the folder system icon that indicates the c:\users\<yourusername>\documents has is a system assigned display with the little white portion. This is based on the personal folder definition, once you change the entry, relogin or potentially reboot and login, the folder \dfsusers\username should revert to the folder icon with the lock.

Properties of the folder, customize tab, lets you alter/change the icon image.  My advice only look at changing it after the change to where your documents (personal) go and possibly after rebooting the system, and relogin.  this should clear the \\dfsusers\username affiliation as a personal (documents) folder and the icon should revert to the proper display. If not you could try the change icon referenced above.
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