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Windows 7 fax server manager

I have a client still running Windows Fax on Windows 7. Not sure what happened but I can no longer find the fax service manager where I can route faxes. It is not in Administrative tools. I need it so I can change routing faxes to email and a different folder. I cannot get to it using MMC console.  

i have Windows fax and scan where I can setup the account and monitor incoming faxes. I am just missing the fax service manager and cannot see how to install that?

I copied fxsadmin.msc and fxsadmin.dll from a windows 2008 server which is the only place I have that installed but that did not work. Not sure If I should install it on another Windows 7 computer and try copying those files
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Kyle Santos
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I am following up on your question.  Do you still need help?

If you solved the problem on your own, would you please post the solution here in case others have the same problem?


Kyle Santos
Customer Relations
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I never found a solution for this
Would that be helpful if I sent calls for more experts to try and help you find a solution to this question?
It would be great if I could figure this out. The faxing is working but not the way I want it
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Davis McCarn
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I was sure I used it on Windows 7 before but maybe I'm getting senile