Can MVC Session[] data be hacked?

In an MVC App, can Session[] be hacked?

How confident should a Controller Action be that the Session data is legit?

Something tells me, zero percent confident.

Is the data stored in Session[] under the same restriction as query string params? That it must be encrypted? Or does the .NET Framework take care of that?

newbiewebSr. Software EngineerAsked:
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kaufmed 👽Commented:
What kind of scenario are you envisioning this be hacked under? Session data is stored on the server--either in memory, in a database, or via some other mechanism. The only thing session-related that is shared between the client and the server is the session identifier. If you're not using SSL, then you could certainly divulge that session identifier to malicious actors sitting between you and your clients. If you're not protecting your page from XSS, then you could divulge that. If you're not protecting your cookies (which is where the session ID typically gets stored client-side), then you could divulge that.

But no, you cannot inject code into the request that would cause the server to send back additional session data. If your application was doing that, then you've coded something very badly.

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