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bsarahim used Ask the Experts™
AS a SQL Server DBA, every day he has to healthchecks of the databases, healthcheck like memory,errors, logs, etc(which are critical) needs to be monitor once in a while
is there is any single/multiple T-SQL script where i can run in one shot to get my sql server healthcheck displayed or can we automate?

sql servers 2008 and above
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ste5anSenior Developer

First of all there are Brent Ozar's scripts:  sp_blitz.

But when databases mean many databases across multiple instances, then you should look at some monitor tools: PRTG, Spiceworks, Redgate.

The first two offer free versions.


Thanks.. Pls note.. I cant create or update any objects on the server and im having a sysadmin and I should not install any thirdparty tools.. companies policies are very strict..
ste5anSenior Developer

Well, things being worth to be done, should be done the right way, shouldn't they?

And the business reason/value of automating tasks should be obvious.

And last, but not least: A SQL Server DBA can create, update or delete objects. That's why he is DBA.
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i completely agree with you.. but the IT policy is like this.. I should NOT install any softwares, create views, create a database, update table, etc

Im looking for a script, where i can get more info from sysadmin/users database on environment level and General scripts, with out adding our updating the current databases..

Thanks for understanding..
Vitor MontalvãoIT Engineer
Distinguished Expert 2017

If all companies will be able to invest in monitoring tools like BMC Patrol or MS SCOM, they will reduce DBAs and SAs workload as those tools can notify the Administrators on what is going wrong in the servers so they can react immediately.
Topic Advisor, Page Editor
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Depends on what kind of check list - if it is along the lines of "Is my SQL Server running optimally" then there is a lot we need to know about your site.

For example, here is a checklist for a single DB :

Brad McGehee has always produced a good checklist :  and

And an oldie,  but a goodie is :

And a wider ranging checklist by Jason Strate covering items you may not have considered : like mainstream support retirement.

So, a lot of it really depends on what you are really asking for :) And the reason why there isnt "a" definitive list - it really does depend on your environment :)

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