C++ : _WIN32_WINNT not defined. Defaulting to _WIN32_WINNT_MAXVER


How to get rid of the warning :
 _WIN32_WINNT not defined. Defaulting to _WIN32_WINNT_MAXVER (see WinSDKVer.h)

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Hassan NOUR EL DINEIT ManagerAsked:
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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
This is a warning, not an error, and is very common when upgrading a Visual C++ project. This is the macro that defines what the lowest version of Windows that our application will run on. If we ignore the warning, we accept the default value, _WIN32_WINNT_MAXVER, which means the current version of Windows. For a table of possible values, see Using the Windows Headers. For example, we can set it to run on any version from Vista onwards.


If the code uses parts of the Windows API that aren't available on the version of Windows that you specify with this macro, you should see that as a compiler error

define it before including windows.h
Hassan NOUR EL DINEIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Thanks. Short, simple and perfect aswer
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