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Make desktop wireless

Make desktop wireless.
I need some basic advice on how to best make a desktop computer work with wifi  It is a Dell OptiPlex 7020.  I assume that the network access for the computer will run faster by installing a wifi card inside the computer as opposed to a USB plug in adapter.  Is this correct?  The computer would be approximately within 20 to 25 feet of the 802.11ac router and the signal needs to work through walls.  I also need to know if the signal quality would be improved by buying a MIMO router.  My current router is Sagemcom brand router provided by the cable company of which I pay $5 a month for.  If I buy a router I am looking to invest in a Linksys brand one.

What brand of wireless wifi card is best.  A brand and part number would best answer this question.  Is their a review site that you can provide me with that lists reviews for 802.11ac wifi cards?
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