Best hosting for Spotify clone site

I’m creating a clone of

The site will stream live concerts of bands that allow taping.

I have a Dell Poweredge T310 with 8TB of space and 32 GB of RAM,

I was going to put this in a data center as VPS don’t have as much space and are expensive.

Is this an acceptable solution?
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gr8gonzoConnect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
Maybe, but it really depends on how many people you have watching, and the quality of the stream.

I could stream a 1x1 pixel to a LOT of people with barely any hardware requirements.

I could also stream a 1080p video to one person with pretty low requirements.

When it comes to streaming high quality to LOTS of people, then one server isn't going to cut it, regardless of specs. You need lots of bandwidth, and multiple servers. You need a model where you can have many servers that help balance the load of the stream, with a big bandwidth pipe (ideally multiple servers across multiple different data centers so you can eliminate as much network latency as possible).

A single server is going to be a bottleneck, even if it's hefty. Imagine a single person handling 6 different toll booths on a busy highway, and let's say they are REALLY good at their job and can collect tolls 10 times faster than anyone else. There's still a physical limitation that requires the person to jump from toll booth to toll booth before they can start doing the work, and this is a similar situation. You don't need really hefty servers to stream - you just need many of them, and you need good network equipment to ensure that there are no bottlenecks in the routing of the packets.

Now, if you're just getting going, then your server might suffice for a very short while, but as soon as your number of viewers grows, you're going to risk losing them because they won't be getting reliable streaming anymore - they'll start seeing buffering and so forth. If you try to cut corners on equipment costs (e.g. routers / switches) , you're risking a lot. With so many options out there, people don't give new things a lot of second chances anymore (unless you're in a really small niche), so you need to make sure you do well right out of the gate.
theGhost_k8Database ConsultantCommented:
I cannot agree more to above comment from gr8gonzo! "Cloud" is the way to go for when you really are looking at expansion and scale. I cannot point you at the right solution but watch out for offerings. Here is one.
burnedfacelessAuthor Commented:
That was really helpful. Thank you.
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