Reboot Loop after image restore

Hello Experts,

I restored an Windows 2008 R2 image using Clonezilla.
However, the server is not starting up. It remains in reboot loop after Microsoft Corporation logo.

Please help
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Travis MartinezStorage EngineerCommented:
Can you get it to boot into safe mode and stop the reboot on crash to provide the error code?

Do you have access to the W2K8R2 installation disk to see if startup repair works?
cciedreamerAuthor Commented:
Its not allowing to enter into safe mode. Same reboot loop
Yes I have installation media I will boot through installation disk now
Travis MartinezStorage EngineerCommented:
How's it going?  Any luck with startup repair?

It sucks you can't get it to break the boot loop because the error code is likely a driver/hardware issue.
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cciedreamerAuthor Commented:
Actually i took an image of VM with Clonezilla and now trying to restore on physical machine

But no luck
Travis MartinezStorage EngineerCommented:
This is a quote from the first Google hit that came up with Clonezilla and V2P:

"Even though V2P is possible, it has a fairly high chance of being unsuccessful even with your best effort"

The challenge is the drivers that are loaded to the operating system are for virtual hardware and not compatible with the physical system you're trying to load it to.  More than likely it's hitting a hardware exception that it's not going to get past.
cciedreamerAuthor Commented:
VM is Windows 2008 R2 installed on 2012 Hyper V host

Can I boot VM vhd file on physical 2012 server

Please advise
Travis MartinezStorage EngineerCommented:
You can boot a 2012 server from VHD but it's more complicated to explain and not necessary here.

It's not going to work.  If you could add the VHD as a boot device, the system will still have the same driver/hardware issues on boot.  Remember that Clonezilla is making an image of the very VHD your talking about.  It's essentially doing the same thing in a different way.

The best option is to load the new server fresh then use Hyper-V to import the VHD and run the virtual machine as a single system on the host.  You can edit the settings and pass the extra memory and processors to it.
cciedreamerAuthor Commented:
The objective is to move Citrix Xenapp server from Virtual to Physical.
We are facing performance issue on virtual machine
Travis MartinezStorage EngineerCommented:
I know that's what the objective is but you're going to have to build the system new.

As I've been the only one who's responded here I would like someone else to confirm what I'm saying and that the VHD and/or the clone of it is not going to work due to multiple driver issues.  If there is another method then I ask for someone to enlighten me as well.  Maybe a different imaging software.

There are reference even on Experts-Exchange as to it being done and you should probably wait for someone else to chime in.
cciedreamerAuthor Commented:
Thanks travis
Lets hear from some more experts
cciedreamerAuthor Commented:
I found on internet this solution works most of the time
Take a backup of that virtual using Windows Server Backup on a external drive. install a fresh copy of  operating system  then start with OS Restore and you will get the whole virtual system to physical system with all the settings.

I will give a try
Travis MartinezStorage EngineerCommented:
I've messaged another Expert on here and hopefully they will take a look and provide some advice.
Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE MVE^2)VMware and Virtualization ConsultantCommented:
You cannot just take an image of a virtual machine, and restore a physical machine and expect it to work, UNLESS you convert the registry, and replace the hardware drivers, e.g. storage controller must match the hardware.

This is why you are getting a BSOD e.g. a crash and reboot.

if you want to perform a V2P, then please see my EE Article, and use Veeam Windows Agent, it's simple install Windows Agent, backup the physical computer to an image, restore that image to a physical computer, add the drivers and done.

HOW TO: Perform a Physical to Virtual (P2V) Conversion the easy way from a computer backup (image).

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cciedreamerAuthor Commented:
Thanks Andrew, you saved my day.
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