Steps necessary to create & purchase a a .PFX certificate file for Microsoft Azure Active Directory Connect

Please provide me with the steps necessary to create & purchase a .PFX certificate file for Microsoft Azure Active Directory Connect.

How can this certificate request be created and what type of certificate needs to be purchased from a public certification company such as Go Daddy?

I would prefer to use Go Daddy to purchase this certificate from and need the exact steps on how to complete this entire process.

Clicking on the Learn about SSL certificates and PFX files link takes you to the SSL Certificate Requirements section of this webpage (click the Link to visit this page).

IT GuyNetwork EngineerAsked:
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Refer below series of articles to generate ADFS CSR, generate new certs from public CA and configure ADFS farm as well


If you wish to continue with Azure AD Connect for adfs installation, use below utility to generate adfs certificate
If you are looking for adfs certs, u can skip this section from azure ad connect and build adfs separately
Adfs would need cert with single hostname as adfs service name
U will get lots of blogs articles to install adfs along with certs
IT GuyNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:

Can you refer me to a good source on how to create and purchase this type of certificate?
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