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How to use switch function in Ms Access query

Hi, I am coding an ms access database solution for an aluminum fabrication company that needs to calculate aluminum profile for a project based on a measurement that is put in the field [Frame H] and it has to kinds of profiles called "DO" and "BO" respectively and they use 4 and 6.1 for calculating but I have like 30 conditions and Values to evaluate and when I use switch function in my query it brings a problem stating that" The string returned by the builder was too long. The result will be truncated".
So here is the list of code that I use...

Shutter H: Switch([ProfID]="DO",
[TypeID]="ITM001",[Frame H]-4,
[TypeID]="ITM002",[Frame H]-4,
[TypeID]="ITM003",[Frame H]-30-4,
[TypeID]="ITM004",[Frame H]-30-4,
[TypeID]="ITM005",[Frame H]-4-50,
[TypeID]="ITM006",[Frame H]-4-50,
[TypeID]="ITM007",[Frame H]-30-4-50,
[TypeID]="ITM008",[Frame H]-30-4-50,
[TypeID]="ITM009",[Frame H]-4,
[TypeID]="ITM010",[Frame H]-30-4,
[TypeID]="ITM011",[Frame H]-4,
[TypeID]="ITM012",[Frame H]-30-4,
[TypeID]="ITM013",[Frame H]-4,
[TypeID]="ITM014",[Frame H]-4),
[TypeID]="ITM001",[Frame H]-6.1,
[TypeID]="ITM002",[Frame H]-6.1,
[TypeID]="ITM003",[Frame H]-30-6.1,
[TypeID]="ITM004",[Frame H]-30-6.1,
[TypeID]="ITM005",[Frame H]-6.1-50,
[TypeID]="ITM006",[Frame H]-6.1-50,
[TypeID]="ITM007",[Frame H]-30-6.1-50,
[TypeID]="ITM008",[Frame H]-30-6.1-50,
[TypeID]="ITM009",[Frame H]-6.1,
[TypeID]="ITM010",[Frame H]-30-6.1,
[TypeID]="ITM011",[Frame H]-6.1,
[TypeID]="ITM012",[Frame H]-30-6.1,
[TypeID]="ITM013",[Frame H]-6.1,
[TypeID]="ITM014",[Frame H]-6.1),)

Thanks for your help.
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Dear sir/madam can you give me a hint ...