What would be a good method to enforce client backups of entire hard drives to Windows Server 2008 or 2012?

I represent a company that manufactures remote device products.  The network has two Windows 2008 AD servers and six client computers that are Domain members.  The client computers do production work that the company's general manager would like to have backed up on a daily basis through a batch file with incremental changes done on a daily basis.   Clients are Windows 7 and Windows 10.  A third party software recommendation would be acceptable.  He would like backups to be stored on an internal server and in having discussion with him, he is not interested in any cloud backup at this time for whatever reason.
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yo_beeDirector of Information TechnologyCommented:
Is the data that needs to be backed up located in some of the common folders (desktop, documents, downloads). If so you can enable folder redirection and the user's data will be stored and accessed from the Network central location. With this method you can use the server to backup the data that is stored on the network.

You can set this up via group policy being that you are in a Active Directory environment.
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Answer to yo_bee's question is important.
1) it is best practice not to have important info on client computers, commonly to achieve this when the data/information is part of the user profile, documents, desktop, .......use of folder redirection will centralize those files to the server where you control, manage backup.
2) roaming profiles to preserve user settings, and quick transition from system to system.
3) centralized agent based backup might be more of an expense..

The other option, using gpo you can use wbadmin to run,or schedule a backup/s of folders/location of interest......

Make sure to test restores to make sure you are getting good backups and familiar with the tools to extract when needed.
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