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How can I post in twitter with an clickable image. An image that when clicked it redirects to a URL
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Kathy JacobsConnect With a Mentor Social media geekCommented:
When you tweet the link to an article or post, Twitter will grab the featured image for the piece and add it to your tweet. If the image isn't part of the article or post, the image won't be clickable.

LMK if this helps.
robrodpAuthor Commented:
Great. So simple

robrodpAuthor Commented:
I have a simple php link:

How do I add a featrured inage? It is pure php code
Kathy JacobsSocial media geekCommented:
SInce the video is the only thing on that page, Twitter should be picking it up automatically. The general rule is:

If there is an image or video, use that as the tweet image.
If there are more than one image or video, use the first one as the tweet image.

By "pure php code", I gather you mean not WordPress? I have found several WordPress examples, but none for full php sites. The most succinct of the WP code samples I found is at:
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