IF OR statement issue. Error trapping requirement.

In the attached, I have an error checker =IF(F10>MAX(F12:F16),"Scaffold height > Top lift, alter scaffold height or lift height","")

I have realised I need a further check for another value. I want the message to be in the same cell - D18.

The extra bit i need is....... or max(F12:F16>F10,"Lift higher than scaffold height.","")   I have embedded this below cell D18 in D19

I tried using an OR statement but I am thinking this may be the wrong approach. In essence I need to check two variables  via cell d18, if no issue leave blank.

At the moment to give you an example of what i want....,.set set cell F10> than the max of cells f12:f16.

Thanks in advance, Paul
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Ejgil HedegaardCommented:
You can't use or, because it is 2 different error messages.
vipamanAuthor Commented:
Thanks once again Ejgil. Nested IFs!
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