VBA script to identify duplictae emails in Outlook Email Inbox 2010

Our Outlook 2010 has been filled with duplicate emails.  Some time back the Outlook just started downloading emails already received dating from now until a year ago.  Though we think we have that specific problem solved, we are looking for a script that would identify the duplicates.

Greatly appreciated.
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Bill PrewCommented:
Take a look at the freeware version of this tool and see if it might meet your need.  They work pretty well, but to get to some of the more advanced features sometimes requires purchase.  But their free utilities can be useful if you aren't doing anything too complex.


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rayluvsAuthor Commented:

Have you tried it? Is it safe?
Bill PrewCommented:

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rayluvsAuthor Commented:
Thank you, will try.
rayluvsAuthor Commented:
WoW!  that was super quick!  Went thru a folder with over 4000 emails and in a snap identified it!

Thank you very much!!!!!
rayluvsAuthor Commented:
rayluvsAuthor Commented:
Hi, just closed the question, but do you know what does  the apps compare to identify as "Duplicate"?
Neil FlemingConsultant and developerCommented:
Here's a routine I wrote some time ago when I had the same problem. It assumes that duplicates will have identical timestamps and identical subjects. If you're nervous about deleting the apparent duplicates in testing, then if you comment out line 33 in the code, and uncomment line 32 it will flag duplicates as action items for today, rather than just deleting them.

Hope this is useful

Sub deDupe(Optional aFolder As Folder)
'removes or marks duplicates

Dim subFolder As Folder
Dim allItems As Items
Dim thisItem As MailItem, prevItem As MailItem
Dim dPrev As Date
Dim i As Long, iPrevsize As Long, iDelCount As Long
Dim sPrev As String
On Error Resume Next
If (aFolder Is Nothing) Then
Set ns = Application.GetNamespace("MAPI")
Set exp = ActiveExplorer
Set aFolder = exp.Selection.parent.CurrentFolder
Set rootFolder = aFolder
End If
Debug.Print "Scanning " & aFolder.FolderPath & "..."

Set allItems = aFolder.Items
allItems.Sort "ReceivedTime", False

If allItems.Count > 0 Then
        'iterate backwards through items:
        For i = allItems.Count To 1 Step -1
            If TypeName(allItems(i)) = "MailItem" Then
            Set thisItem = allItems(i)
                If (dPrev = thisItem.ReceivedTime) And (sPrev = thisItem.Subject) Then
                'Debug.Print thisItem.Subject
                'thisItem.MarkAsTask olMarkToday
                iDelCount = iDelCount + 1
                dPrev = thisItem.ReceivedTime
                iPrevsize = thisItem.Size
                sPrev = thisItem.Subject
                End If
            End If
    'end if items found in folder:
End If
Debug.Print (iDelCount & " duplicate items found.")
    'iterate folder structure
For Each subFolder In aFolder.Folders
deDupe subFolder

If aFolder = rootFolder Then
EmptyDeletedItems aFolder
Debug.Print "Finished DeDupe"
End If
End Sub

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Neil FlemingConsultant and developerCommented:
ah.. looks like the freeware sorted you out already...
Bill PrewCommented:
I think if you check the "use custom fields" the free ware version uses "Subject, Message Text, Sender, Recipients and Attachments".  But with that option unchecked it looks at the internal email "ID" of each message to identify duplicates.  I will admit the freeware versions are light on documentation sometimes, but they typically work well and are simple enough to understand.  There are forums where you can post questions, but not sure how active they are, haven't used those.

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