How to create Standard User account in Windows 10

I have a PC with Windows 10 Pro PC. It only has 1 account, which is obviously an administrator account. I want to create a Standard account too, but in this world of Window 10 I no longer know how to do this. I go to Control Panel, then User Accounts, then "Manage Another Account." All I see on the next screen is a link that says "Add a new user in PC settings." So I click it, which brings me to the next screen (shown below).
     Family     I seem to have 2 choices, either click "Sign in with a Microsoft account" or click "Add someone else to this PC." I don't think I want to do either of these, I just want to create a Standard user account.
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Mitul PrajapatiJunior IT EngineerCommented:
Right click on Windows button ---> Select Command Prompt (Admin) or Windows Powershell (Admin) ---> a black window will appear --> Type  command :  net user /add username Password
Hello ThereSystem AdministratorCommented:
If you want to create a local account, go to Settings  > Accounts > Family & other people > Add someone else to this PC and set the password.

It will create what you want.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Yes Control Panel , Users, and the determine if Local Account or Microsoft Account. The latter is better for most individuals
You start with adding, when prompted for an email, skip, when prompted for a Microsoft account, there is an option to create an account other than Microsoft online, and create a local account instead.

A more straightforward option is to run cmd.exe as administrator, then run net user /add newusername *
You will be prompted for the password.

This creates the local account, if you have a preference to provide a name you could use options with net user to include a name....
john8217Author Commented:
This is probably the simplest way to do it. Thanks guys.
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