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Cisco Switch 2960 X burn 3 Huawei IP cameras

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Last Modified: 2018-03-19
Dear All,

We have installed Huawei  IPC6225-VRZ-SP Bullet IP Cameras on different location for surveillance. We are in strange situation that three cameras have been burned one by one installed on CISCO POE Switch 2960 X. All other cameras are also installed on different CISCO 2960 switches and working fine. Can any one please help to rectify the issue. This is due to high voltage generating by 2960 Switch or may be any other reason.
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Most likely cameras with switch do not negotiate power level that is required and switch is providing max power. You can check current power level provided by switch by issuing show power inline command. You can limit power provided by switch by issuing command example 6W
interface gi1/0/1
power inline auto max 6000
interface gi1/0/2
power inline static max 6000

Manually when you set the user-defined power level that limits the power allowed on the port by using the power inline auto max max-wattage or the power inline static max max-wattage interface configuration command

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