Word 2016 Only displays first page of document in Edit more

Word 2016 shows only 1st page of 6 page document when in Edit more. If I switch to Page view or Web VIew the entire document appears.
If I print preview from standard view (where only 1 page shows). it also just shows 1 page. I have uninstalled Office (part of O365 Business Premium subscription)using add/ remove programs, then used the Microsoft fixer to remove all Office installs. re-installed and still the same issue.

Effecting 2 machine, about 10 others are fine, so it is machine specific.

Any ideas??
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Eric FletcherCommented:
Can you clarify “when in Edit more”?

In Word, the Page and Web views typically show everything, but Draft and Outline views won’t show graphic and other objects.

However, if this is only affecting some systems, it may be that those users have selected "Print Current Page" (or a similar option) in the Settings for their printer dialog.
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