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We are using Office 2016 (Office 365) on Windows 7 VMware Horizon VDIs.  We have a user who has previously been able to take a single instance of Excel, stretch it across both of his monitors, and use it in that widened view.  Suddenly now it will not allow him to stretch it that far - when you get to a certain point, the area on the right turns into gray space and no longer shows cells.  Also once you hit this point, Excel ceases to function - you can't type, select, etc.  You have to narrow the width again before it will act normal.  

I don't know why the user was previously able to stretch this allow one worksheet to fill both screens, and now he can not.  Is this a limitation of the software, or is there a setting that can be changed?  We have tested this on other VDIs and can't make it work on any of them, so I don't believe it's a matter of something changing on his VDI.  

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Andrew LeniartConnect With a Mentor Senior EditorCommented:
For years now, I've been using a little tool called Ultramon for things like this. Provides a ton of useful options for Dual Screens with a single click. Highly configurable and has never interfered with anything on Windows 7 and Windows 10 machines. Very reasonable price (imho) to license as well.

Hope that's helpful.

Regards, Andrew
I just tried it in my 2 monitors and it just works, never had the need or the idea before but it works fine here.  maybe both displays have to be in the same resolution or it is some aero setting.
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