how to move permissions from sql 2014 to sql 2016 to a new server

I have two sql servers, old is v14, and my new server is running v16.  I've already moved all the databases over, but now the problem is, the useraccounts do not have the permissions from the old server.  Is there a free tool to copy all the permissions/rights from the old server to the new?

DanNetwork EngineerAsked:
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Mark WillsConnect With a Mentor Topic AdvisorCommented:
There is a "How To" at Microsoft

Might need to start checking sys.database_permissions et all and check manually if partially done.
DanNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
Looks like not all the users have been moved over for each database.  I had someone do that, is since it hasn't been done, is there a way to copy the users for each specific database from the old server to the new server.
DanNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
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