IIS/DNS it was working last week '???'

IIS/DNS, Well, it was working last week '???'

I have a windows 2012 R2 server running IIS with 2 sites.  A public facing IP using an external DNS source.  The Default site has always been on but is not used.  My 2 sites are Site1.mydomain.com, where http is redirected to https.  and https://Site2.mydomain.com on port:xxxx.   I built a new server last week to replace the original yet, this same problem existed prior to the original server being replaced.  An additional problem arose today where  my users who had favorite links are also experiencing this issue too.  I forgot the important part.  The main web site SITE1.mydomain.com has always been accessed as SITE1.mydomain.com or simply mydomain.com and resolved either way.

I noticed a couple weeks back when I accessed my main site, SITE1.mydomain.com omitting SITE1(i.e. mydomain.com) my request was being resolved to the MS default IIS page.  This struck me as odd as I was able to resolve the intended page weeks prior. The server was having other issues with updating and some old software that wouldn't properly uninstall and I felt it was time to replace it with a new VM, and move my sites over. As well I exported my certificates out and imported them into the new server.  I feel confident I did my due diligence in ensuring like for like settings in all of IIS.

Upon bringing the new server up my access to SITE1 and SITE2:1234 works as it should yet, and still, when I try to access the url http:// mydomain.com it resolves to the default IIS Page.  Now this would seem correct since there is neither a redirect nor a url re-write configuration for SITE1 yet, I know the URL worked in the past. Of course since I replaced the Server this weekend I've had a few calls from users/customers who access the site with  favorite link complain it's not working. Once they enter the full url it works.

I've turned off the site DefaultWeb site and that only creates an error page. From a DNS point and access point it appears to be working normal but, I've inherited this server, sold the idea of replacing it with a new one to clean it up so the higher ups feel access behavior should be the same.  

My goal is for users to continue to access the site1.mydomain.com as they have in the past by simply entering https://mydomain.com.

Mark OwensAsked:
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Cliff GaliherCommented:
A combination of proper DNS and site bindings can certainly do this   as long as the name isn't used for something else.
Mark OwensAuthor Commented:
I feel confident to say yes they're correct.  DNS resolves both to the ip but the mydomain.com comes through on its own yet there is nothing at the IIS side to say oh,  hello, mydomain.com let me send you to site1.mydomain.com.  Is there something that can be added to do this?  The server is old, no IIS admin there if there ever was and all I have is an original web.config to go from that works the same on both old and new server.
Cliff GaliherCommented:
The new server is not really new? If you sold your plan as a new server would solve these issues l  why is there no IIS admin on it?

As for bindings, I'd simply bind * 80 (all IP addresses on port 80 to site1. Then it doesn't matter if they type site1.domain.com or just domain.com.  It'll all go to the site1 site. And if that redirects, so be it.

This only breaks down if other servifes are relying on just domain.com and there is a site there for a reason... Such as active directory. If that's the case then this setup would never have worked right...old server or new...

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Mark OwensAuthor Commented:
@Cliff. your last sentence brings up our question of how was it working before.

I'm the newly appointed IIS admin.  Happens all the time in my experience :-)

And I may have over complicated my question

my main site is   www.mydomain.com, the folks, and I witnessed it myself, were accessing it as mydomain.com

my dns has an A record to www,  and it has a all else record of '@'.

I'm not sure how it's working.

As for new...it's new yet the content of the websites are moved, sites are recreated, certs are exported and imported...

The question left is how can I re-direct traffic inbound for mydomain.com to www.mydomain.com (which itself is redirecting http traffic to https) what say you.
Look at the properties, bindings of the site, in particular
Host headers.
Site1.mydomain.com shoukd be part of the definition.
Sounds as though, you created a mydomain.com site, in addition to the default sire such that a site not matching on host headers, will hit the default site.

Default site all unassigned IPs, port
Mydomain.com allunassignedips, port mydomain.com; allunassignedips,port,site1.mydomain.com
This will help iis differentiate based on the request.

DNS on the system plays no roll here.

Since this is a public site, can you disclose it

You could look at appcmd to enumerate the sites hosted on your iis in an effort to see sonething you may have overlooked, you could disable/stop the default web sites, and add default binding to your mydomain.com
I.e. Allunassignedips, port
Meaning any request hitting this iis making an unknown request, will default to the mydomain.com site.
Mark OwensAuthor Commented:
The question may have been asked incorrectly, yet the answers helped point me to my issue. The site www.mysite.com had all the correct bindings including any requests for https.  However my site bindings for http were not being handled correctly. I created a url rewrite to accept any request bound for 80 other than www.mysite.com to redirect to www.mysite.com and it started working. As Cliff pointed out the real question is how was it working in the first place. I don't have an answer.
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