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Dumb question.  Do the companies have to register their domains based on their country code?  For example, if my business in Canada, do I have to register as ?  What prevents me to register as .com?
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no you don't... / nothing holds you back.  ( sort of)

And the .com, .org etc. are not US only (official, there is .us for that) for .us you need to be a us citizen.

like google with: (belgium)
 .me is used a lot outside of montenegro.
.io is  britisch indian ocean teritory...  few small island... and a lot of software tools use .io  ( whic is clearly US based).
.it  is  italy but used by a lot of ITC companies.
.tv  TV stations all over the world..., but belongs to the pacfic island / country Tuvalu.


So.. nothing prevents me to register in Canada and host stuff out?  Should I ask if any legal codes I will be breaching?
nociSoftware Engineer
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Your problem may be the domain name can be seized by the FBI etc. in case of trouble.
And the name must be used or reserved now. ( it is hard to tell if a name is hidden, free,or in some parking zone )
If a name is in a parking zone it will be more expensive to get hold of a name.
I you like a name, first try if the SOA record for it exists
dig soa
If this returns not found the name is either hidden or free.  If it is hidden it won't be available anyway.
I hold a .net name and a few .org names while not being a US resident... for > 10 years now.
Dave BaldwinFixer of Problems
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You can register '.com' with any registrar in the world that will take your business.  You are not restricted to only Canadian registrars.  And you can host a website anywhere in the world.  Running a hosting business in Canada will make you subject to Canadian and provincial laws like any other business.

There are a number of country code domains that require you to be a citizen of their country and possibly host your site in their country.  'uk' and 'aus' are two that I know of.

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